Affordable Loans with Support and Guidance for Social Enterprises

SWIG Finance and Seedbed Enterprise currently have loans available to support growing social enterprises with affordable and unsecured loans.

They offer social ventures access to loan finance and equity investment as well as the support, advice and guidance they need to develop and grow. Seedbed is perfect for those entrepreneurs looking to take their venture to the next level. In the last two years, over 50 ventures have benefited from the Seedbed Accelerator programme.

The main terms of the loan are:

Social Enterprises can also access support and business advice via the Seedbed programme. Seedbed is a government funded partnership between Dartington Hall Trust, Plymouth University and SWIG Finance offering business advice and affordable loan finance. It is designed to help social ventures in the South West develop, grow and succeed and offers a flexible and optional mix of support through assessment, coaching, workshops, masterclasses and mentoring to help social enterprises set and achieve their goals.

The Seedbed Accelerator programme, now in it’s third year, begins in May. The programme is split into two stages; the Foundation Stage, which will run until August, and the Growth Stage, which will run from September to December.

If you want to enrol or simply learn more about the programme, visit, call 01872 223883 or fill out an enquiry form here.